Taken Away

A hidden tear formed by clouds,

Listening to a friend’s whisper,

While the sudden breeze disappeared,

I stood at my old school.


It was the place where,

My best memories came to life,

Now broken into a billion shards,

Of complete gray rubble.


The once beautiful stone castle,

Became an ignored pile of trash,

But why did they break it apart?

It meant so much to me.


They never did actually care,

They will never know,

How much it meant to anyone,

It is already too late.


Never Forever

If only the road was shorter,

Somehow crossing the broken bridge,

Streams of cotton blue sapphire,

Appear under clouds of silver shine.


My breath escaped my tired lungs,

Into the barren willow trees.


Carefully, I stood on a hill,

Staring ahead into the mist,

Mind is wandering in a maze,

Rules are always meant to be changed.

Never Said Good-bye

While sitting on the straw rooftop,

I could feel your faint presence,

You remind me of happier days,

Melting all my sorrows away.


Your words were simple and true,

Meaning more than a mask of perfume,

Sometimes, I would stand waiting,

Hoping to hear your usual hello.


As always, time continues to fly,

I wish I could write a message in the sky,

So, you can see how thankful I am,

To have met someone like you.